Gopro Kayak Mount: The 9 Best GoPro Mounts for Kayaking

Gopro Kayak Mount: Best GoPro Mounts for Kayaking

GoPros are among the most popular action cameras. They can be seen everywhere you go, whether on the streets, playing sports, or in vehicles. These rugged cameras are perfect for outdoor adventures like kayaking.

You will want to share your unforgettable experience with friends and family, whether you are gliding along the waves or plunging into roaring waterfalls. It’s much easier to mount your camera on your kayak these days, as there are many options.

So I’ve reviewed the options to ensure you have the best footage while kayaking. This article will show you the top GoPro Kayak Mounts on the market, an accessory that is becoming a must-have for kayaking if you have a GoPro.

Let’s just get started.

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Gopro Kayak Mount: The 9 Best GoPro Mounts for Kayaking

GoPro Kayak Mounts for POV Shots:

1. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

This one is an excellent option for those looking for a sturdy helmet mount. You can attach it to your helmet on either the front or the side. It is waterproof and industrial-grade, so it can be used even in rainy or windy weather.

It is excellent for attaching my GoPro Session kitesurfing camera to the kite. The non-swivel mount is what I use. This set was purchased to replace the non-swivel attachment that I had with a broken click arm. This attachment could be bought separately, which would have been great. – Michael Neal

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2. GoPro Performance Chest Mount

The official GoPro Performance Chest mount is stable, flexible, and made with a padded design. It can capture stable, hands-free POV footage.

It is lightweight and breathable, with a standard 3-prong mounting system. It can be adjusted to fit almost anyone.

My GoPro is used primarily for skiing, and I have found it more comfortable than other mounts. It was something I thought would be annoying while skiing. But it isn’t. It is snug but flexible enough to move the GoPro while still keeping it stable. It’s also not wobbly. It’s clear and stable, even when you turn and move, and it isn’t bumpy like the video on the helmet mount. It clips to the front, so it is easy to put on and take off. You don’t have to worry about the GoPro falling off (no need to worry that it might hit the chairlift bar, just like the helmet). This is a great purchase! – Justin Lucas
3. GoPro Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount

The Telesin Chest Shoulder Strap and Backpack Mount are lightweight, easy to use, and compatible with all GoPro cameras. This mount can be carried easily with you on your kayak adventures to capture amazing POV footage.

This shoulder strap is my favorite accessory for the gopro. It allows me to film without any distracting headgear, body harness, or bike helmet.This strap can be worn casually with your backpack, making it much more discreet.This clip has a great feature: I can attach my selfie stick to it, but the shoulder strap allows me to mount the camera on the shoulder strap. – Brandon Palaniuk

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GoPro Kayak Mounts for Wrist shots:

1. GoPro Hand + Wrist Strap | Official GoPro

This durable wrist strap for GoPro is made to be comfortable. It is waterproof, so you won’t worry about it leaking while kayaking.

You can take photos from many angles thanks to 360-degree rotation and tilting the cam up or down. It can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of adult wrist sizes.

This strap is a favorite of mine. I use it mainly when I go snorkeling or diving. The two straps (brings 2) are extremely secure. I also like the fact that I can use my hands to carry my gear. The camera is safe and secure, so I don’t have to worry about it falling into the unknown. Although I prefer the hand strap to the wrist strap, I believe it might be too small for someone with a large hand. However, the wrist strap works just fine.- Seth Feider
2. GoPro The Strap | Official GoPro

Like the previous one, the GoPro strap mount has an extra feature. The extended strap can be used to wrap around your arm, leg, and other objects in addition to your wrist.

This strap is a favorite of mine. I use it mainly when I go snorkeling or diving. The two straps (brings 2) are extremely secure. I also like the fact that I can use my hands to carry my gear. The camera is safe and secure, so I don’t have to worry about it falling into the unknown. Although I prefer the hand strap to the wrist strap, I believe it might be too small for someone with a large hand. However, the wrist strap works just fine. – Chris Johnston
3. 360 Degree Rotary Arm Hand Wrist Strap

Telesin’s wrist strap supports the 360-degree rotation of your GoPro (as the name implies). The strap is made of strong fabric, which gives you more excellent stability and control. It also comes with a J Hook to allow for quick in-out of your GoPro. This mount can be used with all GoPro Hero or Session cameras.

I find this wristband works well for what I need. It is pretty stiff at first, but it becomes more flexible once you twist it a few more times. It was a bit lost when I first worked it, but it did not seem bad after that. It worked flawlessly on all of Disney’s rides, even the rough ones. It comes with a detachable camera mount that you can slide off to take with you wherever you go. This wristband is very lovely, and I would repurchase it. –Brent Ehrler

GoPro Kayak Mounts for Selfie shots:

1. Scotty Kayak Camera Mount for your GoPro

Scotty Kayak Camera Mount is twistable, turnable, and rotatable. This allows you to angle your GoPro in any direction you like. Compatible with all major GoPro cameras. Scotty is a manufacturer of mounts and holders for GoPro cameras that are specifically designed for water sports.

Have you ever tried mounting a camera on an inflatable? It’s possible. One at the bow and one at the stern have the gear head mount extenders. The tripod mount and GoPro mount allow me to attach two GoPro’s simultaneously. CamKix’s GoPro Bobber (available on Amazon) was used to raise the camera slightly higher. I was able to adjust the tilt and use wider backdoors. Plus, it gave me the extra security of a Bobber. –John Cox
2. Kayak Portable Camera Mount for GoPro

Brocraft’s kayak mount locks your GoPro down without the need for an adaptor. This mount can be used to mount your GoPro camera to your kayak.

It is twistable, turnable, and rotatable, so it supports a variety of actions. It’s compatible with all GoPro cameras & also has an adjustable extender pole (9″).

Brocraft’s portable camera stand is perfect for my kayak. I also purchased the trolling motor mount, which is solid and well-made. I am 150 percent happy with it. – Alton Jones, Jr.
3. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

GoPro Suction Cup Mount attaches to your kayak and is lightweight, compact, and strong. It has large buttons that make it easy to use and are waterproof (down down to 131’/40m). This one is compatible with all GoPro cameras & features a quick release base that allows for easy in-out. This suction cup has been tested at speeds up to 150 mph.

I was concerned that some accessories for GoPro were too expensive. The kit was well-made, and the design was excellent when I received it. It worked flawlessly at highway speeds. The mount is not the only thing you get, but that adds to its value. The Panavise suction cups mount with the threaded bottom is my favorite; it’s the easiest to adjust and the most versatile. However, this GoPro mount is most secure for high speed. – Jeff Sprague

How to Choose a GoPro Kayak Mount?

What should you look for when purchasing your GoPro Kayak Mount? Continue reading to learn more.

Water Resistance

Water-resistant camera mounts for kayaks will be required. Water damage can quickly cause the mount to fail if it isn’t built to the highest standards. You risk losing your mount and your camera if this happens. Make sure to check that the mount you are looking for is waterproof.

Gear Tracks/Mounting points

Mounts come in different sizes and shapes. Suction cups are one example of a mount that doesn’t require mounting points or gear tracks to be installed. Other mounts, such as suction cups, require pre-installed tracks or mounting points. These are often drilled into fishing kayaks’ bodies.

This process is more time-consuming and can be costly, but the gear track needs to be installed only once. Mounts attached to the gear tracks are more stable and secure because they attach to a base that has been drilled into your kayak.


Mounts and gear tracks come in many sizes and shapes. A mount that is intended for a kayak camera will not fit into a mounting point or track for another brand’s brand. Scotty and Railblaza are two of the most popular camera mounts. Most likely, camera mounts will indicate which mounting points and gear tracks they are compatible with.

The mount that the camera attaches to the mount is another important consideration. Mount manufacturers want you to make the best choice. Any mount that connects with a GoPro will likely include this information in the description, if not the title. The mount may not have specific instructions on how it mounts to your camera.

Types of GoPro Mounts:

Suction Mount

The suction cup mounts are very strong and will stick well to any smooth or flat surface. They are best used on glass-like car windows and similar surfaces. You might be able to use one of these suction cup mounts if you have a composite vessel. You might have mixed luck with plastic boats.

Suction cup mounts are very temporary and don’t cause any damage to the surface. It can be repositioned to your liking until you achieve the perfect angle. They can be a bit risky, so make sure to tether your camera in case you do something unusual.

Clamp Mount

Clamp mounts can be used on either square or round tubing. One classic example is the handlebars on a bicycle. On a kayak, they might be used to attach to your paddle. If your kayak has an accessory rail, it would be a great place to attach them. These are very secure and temporary.

Adhesive Mounts

To attach a mounting plate onto any surface, you can use adhesive pads. If the surface is flat and can be adhered well, this is the best choice. The rough surface of a roto-molded kayak might not work well, but the deck hatch could. They can be used almost anywhere with composite boats. To attach a mounting plate or paddle to your helmet, you can use adhesive mounts.

There are many sizes and shapes of adhesive mounts. For better adhesion, choose a curved mount if your deck is curved.

Unfortunately, adhesive mounts are permanent. Although you can typically remove them without damaging the surface beneath, you will need to replace the adhesive if it is still in use. It is very strong, so you should expect to clean up any sticky residue.

Track Mount

A few companies make accessories for kayaks. Many of these companies are familiar to anglers. Scotty is just one example. YakAttack and Ram are other examples. Each company has its track system, and then they make accessories that can be attached. They also sell accessories for action cameras and GoPros. Although you won’t necessarily want to buy an entire system, they may be your best choice if your yak already owns one.

Mount Drill-Down

Mounts can be installed into the deck of a boat. You should not drill holes in your boat lightly. Make sure that you put it exactly where you want it to be. To keep water out of your boat, seal all bolts and screws with a marine-grade sealant.

If you don’t have a track system or a place to attach an adhesive mount, drill-down mounts might be able to work for you. They can also be used for larger gear like fishfinders or cameras with larger lenses.

Helmet Mount

Helmet mounts can be described as simple adhesive pads that fit comfortably on helmets. However, they are designed to match the shape of helmets. Mounts can attach to the top of the helmet or the front, while others attach to the sides.

Chest Mount

The chest mounts attach to your backpack or lifejacket using a strap system. If you don’t have a strap that attaches to your camera, complete harnesses can be used to attach the camera to your chest.


A strap mount is another option that can be used for regular scenics and POV and selfies. These wrist straps have a GoPro mount so that you can use your arm as a selfie stick. The camera can also be strapped to a surface such as a paddle.

How to mount GoPro on a Kayak?

Mounting a GoPro to your kayak is easy. These are the steps you should follow:

Wearing vs Mounting

It takes practice to master adventure camera videography. The best results may be achieved from the most stationary object. The boat’s deck is usually used for paddling.

Wearable mounts can show too much movement because the frame is subject to every body motion. Be aware of the potential for unprepared viewers.

Tips To Improve Your Videos:

Explore Creative Angles

People want to see more of your boat than the bow. It would help if you tried to capture as many shots as you could.

It’s worth taking a look at everything that interests you. You might also consider shooting the same thing from two different angles to add some flavor to your video.

You can do the voice-over.

Sometimes, the footages are beautiful because you have seen them before and know what happened at that exact moment. It can be challenging for audiences to grasp what is happening behind the scenes.

Do not be afraid to do a voice-over. Let us know what’s happening. Let us know what you think. Others will appreciate your emotions.

Keep it brief

These tips are only for those who wish to share their videos. If you only share it for your enjoyment, keep it as long and meaningful as possible. Nowadays, people have very short attention spans.

Your videos should grab attention within 3 seconds. Videos for social media should be kept short. 2-5 minutes is the ideal length for any type of footage you want to share on social media.


Q: How strong are Kayak Camera Mounts?

This question is not easy to answer. Professional kayakers can test the best kayak GoPro mounts. However, not all of them will be able to withstand the challenge. The average kayaker doesn’t need to put their kayak camera mount through this kind of stress.

A kayak mount’s size, shape, and mounting system determine its strength. The best Kayak GoPro mounts can compromise strength to provide a better angle. Mounts that have extendable poles may be less stable and not be able to handle an Eskimo roll. There will always be a compromise between the length and sturdiness of the camera mount.

You should look for a mount that attaches directly to a boat’s gear track or mount that screws into the boat if you plan to paddle in rougher water. This mount will be the strongest and most secure for your boat.

You will be able to pick the best kayak camera mount for your boat if you are familiar with the limitations of different mount sizes.

Q: Are camera mounts safe?

Camera mounts can be as secure as your kayak! It all depends on how it is used. Any mount that you use to mount your kayak camera for paddling is safe. It is important to note that longer poles cannot withstand greater stress levels when paddling in rougher waters.

A long pole can break if it hits a rock or river bottom while moving fast on the water. There is no danger of an injury. Kayak cameras can be used for many different activities and pose no danger to the safety of paddlers if they are correctly used.

Q: Do I need to prepare before I put in the camera mount?

Before attaching your camera mount to your kayak, some camera mounts require more preparation than others. Before you go on an excursion or journey, it is a good idea to test attaching your camera first to your kayak. This will save you time and prevent you from arriving at the kayak launch with a camera that isn’t attached correctly or unclear.

You can read reviews about kayak GoPro mounts to help you learn how to attach your camera. These reviews will help to determine what tools are needed and how easy it is to attach your camera mount to your boat.

Another tip is to determine what type of kayak you have. Some fishing kayaks have attachments. Holders may be placed in different places on sit-top kayaks.

Take our advice and be prepared before attaching your camera mount on your boat. Mounts that use gear tracks take more time but will provide stability and reliability.


The number of GoPro mounts available for kayaks has increased dramatically as personal adventure footage becomes more popular. Mounts are available for all kinds of experiences and paddling styles. Before you purchase, it is essential to think about what you intend to use the mount for.

For casual videos, longer poles are better. Perhaps you’d like to capture a time-lapse of your glide down a peaceful river or point out the sunset from your kayak. While the longer mounts can be used for such tasks, they are not best for rough-water kayakers. (you can learn more here).

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