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Cheap Kayaks for Sale Under $200

Before you dive into this guide, make sure you know a bit about kayaking. Kayaking is a popular sport that most people enjoy because it doesn’t cost much. Kayaking is a popular sport. There are many options, but it can be challenging to find the right kayak for you. It’s like trying to find a polar bear under a hailstorm.

A kayak less than $200 is the best choice for anyone who has never kayaked before or someone new to the sport. A kayak less than $200 is good for anyone who isn’t a regular kayaker. It’ll also allow you to gain valuable experience while keeping your costs down.

Kayaks make it so much easier to explore lakes and rivers with family and friends. Kayaks have seen a lot of popularity since their inception. They now offer more advanced features and are much cheaper. There are hundreds of kayak manufacturers today.

It isn’t easy to choose the right budget kayak among thousands of options. After testing the kayaks in person, we have compiled a list of the top ten budget kayaks. We also provide a detailed guide that explains the criteria we used to choose them. Let’s take a look at how to choose them:

The 10 Cheap Kayaks for Sale Under $200 for Beginners:

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak- Best on Budget


The product’s high-quality, puncture-resistant vinyl construction makes it highly durable. Two air chambers provide maximum security. Thanks to the inflatable I beam floor, the product is stronger and more resistant to impacts and bumps. You can also get removable skegs to increase stability.


The kayak can be inflated or deflated quickly using two Boston valves. For seamless transport, you’ll need to grab the lines at both ends of your product. Additionally, the product comes with a storage bag that can be used to store it once it has been deflated.


The cockpit was designed to offer a lot of space for riders and plenty of comforts. The seat can also be removed or adjusted. It also has backrests that allow for comfortable riding.

Additional Items:

The Challenger K1 kayak comes with a front cargo net to store your necessities. An oar measuring 86 inches will be included. For added convenience, you will also receive a repair patch as well as a heavy-duty pump.

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Intex Explorer K2 – Best Starter Kayak


The kayak’s initial build is made of durable vinyl that ensures stability and durability. Intex Explorer also features an I-beam inflatable floor that provides rigidity and comfort. The product also includes a removable skeg, which increases its directional stability.


The product is lightweight at only 35 pounds. The product also features two Boston valves that allow for quick inflation and deflation. The bag comes with everything you need to store your deflated kayak.

It also has grab handles on both sides and lines to easily carry or connect with other kayaks.


The Intex has been verified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Comfort is the key feature that makes it stand out. Two adjustable inflatable seats are available, each with backrests. The I-beam inflatable floor provides additional support.

Additional Items:

This package includes a high-output pump and a repair kit. It also comes with two long aluminum oars measuring 86 inches. It is a complete package, so you have everything you need for your trip to the lakes.

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Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

Build Quality

The kayak’s build quality is first-class. It has a high-quality polyethylene construction. This makes it extremely durable and sturdy. It is also UV-resistant and does not peel or crack.

It also features a twin-fin design, which aids in surfing and tracking. Because of its hull construction, it is resistant to flips and impacts.


The Lightweight Youth Wave Kayak only weighs 18 lbs. It is easy to transport the kayak around. It also has two finger handles that make it easy to transport.


The watercraft has a special seating arrangement for children aged five and up. The watercraft can carry children up to 130 lbs. The wide stance ensures stability on the water. The kayak can also have a sloped rear end that can be used for entry. Multiple footrests are included for comfort.

Additional Features:

With your purchase, you will receive a 6-foot kayak paddle. The kayak’s ergonomic design can improve balance and motor skills.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Build Quality:

The kayak is built to be easy to paddle. It is made of high-quality vinyl that is extremely rough. The material is also resistant to UV damages and punctures.

The Challenger’s bright green design makes it very visible in the water. The skegs are adjustable and provide directional control.


It can be used by two people thanks to its unique design. The product comes with two removable seats and a backrest that is both inflatable and comfortable. The kayak is more rigid and comfortable thanks to the I-beam floor that can be expanded.


The Challenger K2 is only 37.7 lbs. It is, therefore, extremely portable. Boston valves are located on both sides of the product, which allow for quick inflation or deflation. Grab lines make it easy to carry the product.

Additional Items:

The kayak also comes with other exciting items. It has a cargo net at the front to keep your essentials safe. You also get a heavy-duty pump, large aluminium oars and a storage bag.

Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak


This kayak is among the most stable on the market. The 21-gauge PVC construction makes it strong and durable. It also features a tarpaulin base that protects it against punctures and makes it more durable. Multiple air chambers allow you to keep yourself inflated even if you are snagged.


The Sevylor Quikpak is portable. It takes just 5 minutes to set it up. The double lock valves provide two locking points that allow for quick inflation and deflation. The product can also be transported with a lift handle.


The kayak can be used for one person and has backrests to provide additional comfort. The kayak also has a multi-position footrest, which makes kayaking easier and more relaxing.

Additional Items:

The watercraft also comes with a cargo net, a cup holder and a cup holder to store your essentials. A heavy-duty hand pump and an adjustable paddle are also included. For compact storage, you can easily break the oar into two pieces.

Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak


The inflatable Sevylor 2-person kayak is a kayak that can be used for two people. Up to two people can ride this kayak. It feels stable, no matter how many you are riding it with. It’s almost impossible to tip it in normal conditions.


It is made from 22-gauge PVC material, which should last a long time. This kayak is durable enough to withstand small bumps and can be used on lakes. There are many air chambers in the kayak that will keep it inflated even if it is punctured.


The inflatable model is lightweight, so it’s easy to transport. The unit has a double lock and mini-double lock valves, which allow for easy inflation and deflation.


The rear seat can be fixed, and the middle one can be removed. This kayak can be used as a fishing kayak and has ample storage. You can also take it to the lake to fish all day if you wish. There is plenty of room for small tackle boxes, rods, and personal items.

Blue Wave Sports Nomad 1 Person Inflatable Kayak


The Nomad’s reinforced PVC 24-gauge construction provides excellent stability. The unique construction design features three air chambers to prevent leakage. Safety valves are also included. Two directional bottom fins provide stability and support.


It is very lightweight at 21.6 pounds. The foot pump inflates the product quickly and easily. The high-pressure valve also allows the Nomad to deflate quickly. You will also receive a bag to store the kayak once it is deflated.


You can remove the seat from the kayak’s fabric. The kayak also has a footrest that allows you to stay comfortable in both rough and calm water. You can paddle for hours with your legs at ease, thanks to the footrest and seat.

Additional Items:

Because it includes many items, the nomad kayak is the best choice for beginners. All included are a lightweight, sturdy aluminium oar, an easy-to-reach storage bag, a repair kit, a foot pump, a fabric seat, and a footrest.

Best Choice Products 6ft Kids Kayak with Paddle


The kayak’s initial construction is made of strong plastic, which is UV-ray resistant. It can withstand years of use and retains its color. For young riders, the molded footwells offer security. It can provide protection for your child.


It can be used by children up to 121 lbs. It has an open cockpit that allows for easy riding. It also features a comfortable, ergonomically-designed seat with padded backrests. It can be easily taken down if you don’t want to use it.


Because of its lightweight design, it is very portable. The product also has side handles and a toggle handle at the front for easy transport. For smooth movement, there’s a skeg wheel underneath.

Additional Items:

It also comes with a cup holder and a bottle holder. A cargo net is located at the rear to store essentials. A front storage compartment is also available with bungee cords.

Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak

Qualitative Construction:

The Sea Eagle has a 33-millimetre Polykrylar construction. This makes the product stronger and more durable. The kayak also comes with large I beam tubes that provide a tough surface. Natural chines enhance the equipment’s speed and tracking.


The product also features two molded skate skegs, similar to what you see on a surfing board. These skegs are made of durable plastic and can withstand any significant impacts. They allow the kayak to move faster and further with less padding.


It’s lightweight at 26 pounds. It can be carried by one to two paddlers even when inflated. You can fill the kayak in 6 minutes with the included foot pump. You can also use the 5-Deluxe one-way valve to deflate your kayak quickly.


Two people can use this item. The item can support up to 500 pounds and has two seating options. The chamber has a lot of space to support your feet.

Sun Dolphin Aruba SS 8-Foot Sit-in Kayak

Qualitative Construction:

The kayak’s initial design features a super-dense Fortiflex plastic ethylene construction. This unique product is resistant to UV-rays and impacts. The product’s bright colour allows you to ride in the water safely. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use.


The kayak is lightweight at 27 pounds and has a compact design. The kayak has two carrying handles at its edges, so it is easy to move.


Although it is a single-seater kayak, the cockpit offers ample space for passengers to sit comfortably. The cockpit is large, which makes it easy to get into the kayak. You can adjust the padded seat to prevent back pain.


You will also find a cord rigging that can be used to store items. You will also find a cup container for your water bottles. Paddle holders allow you to place your paddle exactly where it needs. This kayak is excellent and has many features. It is undoubtedly the best starter kayak on the market.

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How to Choose Cheap Kayaks for Sale Under $200

You need to ensure that your kayak is within your budget. There’re a few things you need to consider when choosing the right kayak for you. Below are some factors that you should consider and a brief explanation of why they are essential.


You don’t have to sacrifice durability just because you are buying a kayak at a low price. Inflatable kayaks made from sturdy, heavy-duty vinyl are most common; however, hardshell kayaks made of high-density polyethene are more durable.

If you want something that will last, a hardshell is the best option. For portability and affordability, you can also opt for inflatable models.


A lightweight, portable kayak is an advantage because you can easily transport it. This is especially important if you live close to the beach. Portability is less important if you live far from the shore and require a mode of transport.


Before you buy a kayak, it is essential to know if it is stable. This can be determined by reading reviews. You should also note that the kayaks are shorter and less stable.


You’ll feel comfortable whether you spend long hours on the kayak or just a few minutes. You can choose one with an adjustable padded seat or foot braces to ensure you are in the most comfortable position.

Maximum Weight Capacity

If you are a solo paddler, buy a solo kayak. If you enjoy having company, a tandem kayak is the best choice. Some solo paddlers prefer tandems with removable seats. They can then remove the extra seat and have more storage space and a higher weight limit than tandems.


If you like to have a lot of gear, you should choose a kayak with ample storage. Anglers will appreciate having ample storage space. This is because it allows for enough space for tackle, more relaxed, and fishing rods.

Most FAQs [Cheap Kayaks for Sale Under $200]

Are You a Kayak Buyer Who Pays less than $200?

For those who kayak occasionally and for beginners, cheap kayaks are great. A $200 kayak is a good choice for beginners. It will give you the basics and not confuse you with all the additional features.

Are Kayaking Skills Easy for Beginners?

Learn how to kayak is very similar to learning how to bike. You only need to practice and persevere.

Are Cheap Kayaks Available with Accessories?

A paddle and repair kit are available for some hardshell kayaks. Inflatable kayaks come with additional accessories such as a pump, repair kit, and a carrying case. Some models come with paddle holders, fishing rod holders, and cup holders.

What kayaks are most stable?

The flat bottom is the best option for stable kayaks. This gives you more stability and makes it easier to paddle through rapids or waves while fishing.

Are cheap inflatable kayaks good?

Inflatable kayaks on a tight budget are the best choice. These kayaks are very easy to transport and inflate, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a low-cost watercraft.

Last Thoughts

As you’ve seen, it is possible to get an excellent kayak for a meager price. You have probably seen one of these products and decided it is worth your money.

If you are still confused, we can help by highlighting some products.

Intex Explorer K2 offers stability thanks to its 36-inch wide shell and large air chambers. The removable skeg increases directional stability in an unmatched way. You’ll also love the 400-pound weight limit, which means you can carry all your gear. You can even bring your friends along!

The Intex Challenger K1 is smaller than the K2, but the K2 can hold two people. Intex Challenger K2 is the kayak for you if you enjoy the company and have a large weight limit. Intex Challenger K1 is a great deal if you’re looking for something affordable without sacrificing quality.

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