10 Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 Dollars [2024 Reviews]

Are You Looking For Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 Dollars?

An avid fisherman will search for the top equipment with a high-quality and guaranteed cost. Many kinds of fishing kayaks and aspects can help you make the most suitable choice of the ideal kayak.

The most important factors to aid in determining whether the kayak’s capabilities to your needs. We have created an overview of the top fishing kayaks for less than $1,000, which are thought to be an investment worth the money.

The Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000 dollars

The Best Fishing Kayak Under 1000$ [2024 Reviews and Buying Guide]

1. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 – Most Stable Fishing Kayak Under $1000

My choice for the best value for money in fishing kayaks is the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120. The Tarpon was among the first fishing kayaks that truly suited to fishing when it was launched about 10 years. Today, fishermen can enjoy the same sporty and efficient design, with modern enhancements on the upper side.

At 12 feet, 3 inches long, The Tarpon 120 has a long waterline to improve tracking without making it hard to steer. The cockpit has a huge bow hatch, a small stow box on the deck, and gear tracks on every gunwale.

The best feature is the seat of the Tarpon’s AirMax Pro XX seat, Wilderness Systems’ most comfortable low-profile chair that has an inner frame that gives comfort and keeps your butt off the water.

The primary drawback of this model, Tarpon 120, is that it is difficult to stand up and fish because of its narrow width. However, it is a great kayak for fishing. Tarpon 120 is a high-performance fishing kayak that is ideal for paddling enthusiasts as well as hardcore anglers. This is the best fishing kayak for under 1000 you should use.

2. Pelican Premium Getaway 110 HDII

It’s almost impossible to find pedal-driven kayaks for less than $1,000. This Pelican Premium Getaway 110 HDII is just among the very few. Although it’s not specifically designed for fishing, you can catch fish from it.

I like having choices, and the ability to pedal or paddle is a huge advantage when fishing. Instead of taking both or one hand off the fishing rod to paddle, you could begin pedaling to alter your angle. The rudder system isn’t just to pedal. It can also help you when you paddle by helping you to stay on the straight path.

As you take the huge benefit of the pedal, you’ll encounter a few disadvantages of this kayak for fishing. One is the absence of rod holders or tracks to attach rod holders. You’ll need to drill holes to attach a holder for your rod, and I’m not a fan of drilling holes into my kayak.

The absence of dry storage space is an issue. However, most kayak anglers don’t need it. The tank well has an area for storage, with a bungee that holds your gear.

Although the Pelican Premium Getaway 110HDII may not be adequate in terms of fishing capabilities, it’s hard to match the capabilities of the pedal drive at this cost. If you’re more into pedal kayaking and fishing than fishing, this is the perfect kayak!

3. Perception Outlaw 11.5

Perception Outlaw 11.5 provides sturdy stability, a tall and comfortable seat, and an accessible deck, all at a great cost.

Its Outlaw 11.5 has a length of 11.06” (351 cm) and offers a comfy 35” (89 cm) beam. With 77 pounds (35 kg), it’s not the lightest of our roundup but it is still accessible. Molded carrying handles for the bow and stern, and two handles on the sides make transport and handling much simpler.

The kayak can carry up to 425 pounds (193 kg) which is plenty to accommodate an angler of average size and plenty of camping and fishing gear.

The kayak has bow and stern tank wells, a transducer scupper, three recesses that can be used for 1.5 inches Solo Mount bases, Two gear tracks that carry handles, and two “double barrel” rod holders.

One of the most distinctive features of this Outlaw 11.5 is its high sitting position, which is a full 16″ (41 centimeters) over the bottom part of the vessel!

This is ideal for fishing and makes it simpler to stand up and return to a comfortable position. But, in rough waters and with strong winds, a more tucked-in paddling position can improve paddling performance and overall safety.

The seat is high and very comfortable. The mesh fabric provides excellent airflow, and it dries fast. Removing the seat and replacing it with a 35-liter cooler is possible to get a SUP-like experience.

Perception Outlaw 11.5 is ideal for anglers who perform much stand-up fishing on peaceful waters. It’s an excellent Fly fishing platform. It’s not necessarily the fastest or the most maneuverable vessel around; however, it makes up for the lack of speed by having solid stability.

4. Pelican Basscreek

This is a one-person fishing kayak, ideal for fishing and recreation reasons. It can be used in rivers, lakes, ponds, or creeks, regardless of current conditions. This is worth your investment if you’re looking for the model with the most modernized features for fishing excursions.

Due to its properties that protect against impact, Pelican Basscreek is suitable for use in less-than-ideal environments. Although it can bump into rocks or other barriers underwater, It can revert to its original shape after being damaged or compressed, making it one of the most effective fishing kayaks available today.

5. Perception Sound 10.5 – Best Sit-In Angling Kayak

The Sound provides three main advantages over other sit-on-top or hybrid models in this review. It’s lighter, It’s more efficient, and it’s drier. With only 46 lbs, moving and loading a car is extremely easy.

The narrower hull design is more efficient in paddling for longer distances. The closed shape cuts through waves and chops with ease. As a sit-in kayak, it’s also drier while out at sea.

It is also compatible with spray skirts that can keep you dry from waist to foot during a rainy day, traversing waves, or rough conditions. But, this is not the case for many sit-in kayaks. They are compared with open-cockpit fishing kayaks.

I chose the Perception Sound 10.5 specifically because it has built-in rod holders, an open deck in the rear for an ice crate, and other systems for managing tackle. If you’re searching for an old-fashioned, sit-in kayak ready for fishing, there’s no better option at less than 600 dollars. This is the best sit on top fishing kayak under $1000 to try.

6. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

It’s impossible to beat this model Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 when it comes down to the best fishing kayaks for less than $1000. Even though it’s not far off the cost cut-off, the Tarpon 120 is well worth every penny.

A model that sits on top, offering the comfort and versatility of this fishing kayak, comes with plenty of storage space for gear, cushioned footrests, and a comfortable seat and is adjustable to ensure that everyone will find the perfect fitting. It’s incredibly easy to get into and out of and remains steady when on water.

The word “organization” is the game when you use the Wilderness Systems Tarpon, with an open dry storage container for valuables and even different areas to keep your possessions neat and secure.

The perfect kayak for rivers, lakes, or even the ocean, anglers will be amazed by this kayak sure.

7. Perception Pescador 12 Fishing Kayak

The Perception Pescador is among the most sought-after fishing kayaks available because of the value you get for your money in the package.

Being from one of the most renowned kayaks for fishing around will help, too. Twelve feet long, This is a sit-on-top kayak with a huge tank at the stern and a bungee tie-down made to fish tranquil rivers, coastal waters, and lakes. And ponds.

It’s ideal for paddlers of larger sizes with a maximum weight of 375 pounds and a large, comfortable seating area with ventilated padding and additional support.

With gunwale-mounted tracks, you’ll have plenty of room to include accessories from aftermarket stores in the future, while the swappable skid plates and the molded handles make it easy to move.

8. Pelican Sit-on-top BASS CREEK Fishing Kayak

This kayak was specifically designed for leisure and fishing. With its multi-chine smooth surface, any angler is assured that they’ll be able to maintain the required stability while fishing with lines and hauling in fish. It is easy to carry due to its lightweight design and handle for holding.

The kayak is constructed of impact-resistant RAM-X elements, which means you can transport it wherever you’d like without worrying about it getting destroyed. This sit-on-top model also features an open, spacious cockpit, making entering it easy.

A cushioned and contoured seat allows you to relax for long periods. The adjustable ERGOFORM back ensures that you are comfortable all.

The kayak also features a quick hatch and a storage space with a decking cover with netting where you can keep the fishing equipment securely. This kayak is ideal for all types of users. It also has ropes to bungee.

9. Advanced Elements StraightEdge Angler

If you’re limited in storage space or transportation alternatives, The Advanced Elements StraightEdge Angler is the ideal solution. With a weight of just 41 lbs and less than 10 feet long, the inflatable kayak will be tucked away in a carry case not much larger than a rolling suitcase.

When you’re ready for fishing, inflate the kayak and install electronic rod holders and other equipment. The kayak has a strong metal support that provides rigidity and efficiency. You can put any worries about durability aside.

The StaightEdge Angler is made of tough and durable PVC, with reinforced edges for puncture and abrasion resistance. It has space for gear and tackle and a comfortable chair for fishing all day.

10. Old Town Sportsman 106 Kayak

Old Town is one of the most well-known names in the kayaking industry. Many of their kayaks are around $1000 or more, which is why it’s worthwhile when you locate one that is less expensive. The Old Town Sportsman 106 is an older version of Old Town Topwater 106, however, they’re almost identical kayaks.

The Sportsman 106 or Topwater 106 was designed specifically for kayak fishing. It has rod holders and a cushioned deck to provide comfortable seating and plenty of storage space for long fishing trips. The seat is cushioned and adjustable, ensuring you’ll feel comfortable paddling.

If you have to stand in the kayak, it is sturdy enough to stand on to extend your legs and catch fish.

The biggest issue with this kayak is its weight. It’s a bit heavy for the size of a kayak, making loading and unloading much more difficult. It’s manageable by only one person, but having an additional pair of hands to assist loading it onto roof racks is recommended.

Although the Old Town Sportsman 106 is indeed the molder that was used for Topwater 106, they are similar and are made by one of the best-known kayak brands. Therefore, I’d recommend buying the top sit-on-top fishing kayak for less than 1000 dollars.

You can also check out other best fishing kayaks here.

Buying Guide for the Best Fishing Kayaks Under 1000

If you’re searching for the top fishing kayaks for less than 1000 dollars, you must be attentive to the following characteristics.

Type Of Hull

Consider a hull made of fiberglass that has an assurance. This way, you’ll be secured in the event of any problem with your hull. Furthermore, this kayak is simple to transport onto a body of water.

Length Of The Paddle

It is the length that is essential to get the best performance. If the length is not long enough, it can be difficult to paddle and requires lots of effort. It’s also possible to smash the knuckles every time you paddle against the kayak’s sides. If you paddle longer, this can result in the kayak moving in a zig-zag manner and not moving with a smooth line with much effort.

Weight Of The Paddle

They are hard to maneuver and, therefore, are not the best option. The rule of thumb is that for large kayaks, the paddles must be used to narrow widths; however, for narrower widths, it’s advisable to go with shorter lengths of the paddle.

The Material Of The Paddle

They are also the most economical choice and light, making them perfect for paddling and the most enjoyable fishing experience. You can also choose to go with carbon fiber paddles, but they are expensive. Although it’s more expensive than other options, this will assure you of high-quality and durable options for kayaking.

Seating Option

Make sure that the seat inside your kayak can be adjusted and comfortable. If you are planning to go on a kayaking trip for a long time, it’s best to select seats that provide support for your buttocks and back. If you have a seat adjustable to your height, you can alter it to fit your height.


Are you looking for a low-cost fishing kayak? The cost of a fishing kayak is determined by the materials used, the features it provides, and the manufacturer.

However, not all premium kayaks are costly. Therefore it is essential to do your research to find the best price. A few of the most affordable kayaks can be a good option on your next trip.

Inflatables VS Hardshells

The biggest benefit of inflatable kayaks is how light they are. I’m fortunate enough to own two; they can be taken everywhere at the drop of a hat.

But, they’re not as effective as hard shells in terms of performance – such as speed, tracking in the water, or distance paddling.

In the case of fishing kayaks that cost less than $1000, there’s the best of both. So what you pick will come down to your situation and personal preferences.

Sit-in vs. Sit-on-top

The first issue that is likely to be asked when you consider fishing kayaks is whether you’d like a sit-on or sit-in. Both have advantages and drawbacks. The main benefit of a sit-in kayak is that it’s drier.

Sit-on-top kayakers usually accept that they’ll get a bit (or more) wet. Additionally, with a few exceptions, sit-in kayaks are generally considered to perform better when paddling than sit-on kayaks.

Sit-on-top kayaks are the first choice for a lot of anglers. They can organize and access equipment as well as the ability to customize it can’t be achieved with sit-in kayaks. Sit-on-tops are more flexible, where you can put rails and rod holders, electronic equipment, and other accessories.

The lower decks on the sides of sit-on-top kayaks make it simple to tuck fish in your lap. Additionally, due to the design of these kayaks, they’re constantly more solid overall. This allows you to reach for fish more safely.

Sit-on-top kayaks are also easier to access and get out from the launch or dock, and I’ve found that they’re more relaxing overall. Whatever style you like, They make sitting-in and sit-on-top fishing kayaks that cost less than $1000.

Caring For Your Kayak

Maintaining your fishing kayak is easy if you follow these basic tips:

  • Please keep it away from direct sunlight and cover it with a clean cloth.
  • Clean it after each use. Although most fishing kayaks are made to withstand the sun and salt water, to ensure that it stays in good shape for longer, you should consider washing the kayak down using fresh water after every outing.
  • Purchase racks for kayaks. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wall mount or a stand-up rack. It’s worth the additional assistance for the kayak. Don’t hang it on the kayak’s handles or the ground.

Kayaking Safety Tips:

Let’s conclude by highlighting the most important safety guidelines that anyone heading to the water must be aware of:

  • Always make sure you have a personal flotation device
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen and water (and food!)
  • Inform someone about your travel plans before taking off
  • Check local regulations, rules, and conditions before stepping on the water.
  • Know your limits, and test them before you venture out into rougher waters.
  • Learn self-rescue techniques in the event of an emergencies


With all the benefits of fishing in kayaks is no surprise that it’s a huge success. Manufacturers of kayaks are beginning to recognize that they must create kayaks suitable for novice anglers.

With our selection of sit-on-top fishing kayaks that cost less than $1000, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect one.

We didn’t include inflatables on this basis of their purpose, but for those who are just starting or need a fishing kayak that you may use, you should read our review of inflatable kayaks to fish.

FAQs About Best Fishing Kayaks Under 1000

Q: Can You Stand Up In A Kayak And Fish?

I don’t like using the word “dreadful,” but it’s all about the details. The majority of kayaks are not able to sit and fish straight and straightforwardly. Even when they claim that you can, you usually cannot do anything more than stand up and gaze at the surroundings. I’m an athlete with excellent balance. I have discovered the standing position in kayaks and fishing can be difficult.

Suppose you truly desire to stand and fish, especially if you’re a larger person, an old angler, or have a low balance. In that case, you should purchase an extremely wide, exceptionally solid kayak.

Q: What Length Of Kayak Is Best For Me?

The length and width of a kayak are crucial, but I hope I’ve explained that the hull’s design, load rating, and seat height are also important. Anglers who are larger and have to carry lots of gear will require a bigger kayak to carry the load.

If you’re searching for a quicker and more efficient tracking kayak, typically look for a bigger one. However, this isn’t always the case, and the hull design is often a factor more than the length or the width.

Q: How Much Are Fishing Kayaks?

You could catch fish from any source if you’re looking to get into the kayak angle. There is no need for a specific fishing kayak. However, kayaks for fishing offer an array of great features at affordable prices that allow fishing to be more enjoyable and productive.

But, if you’re only getting started, there’s absolutely no reason to spend more than $1000–especially when you’re fishing in calm or small waters.

There are some amazing options available at less than $700, such as kayaks like the Pelican catch, Perception Sound, and Perception Pescador kayaks which will provide you with many years of enjoyment fishing.

Q: Which Is More Stable: A Kayak Or a Canoe?

The kayak’s length and the hull’s design make it more stable than a canoe.

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