The 4 Best Plus Size Kayaks: Fishing Kayak 400 lb Capacity

The 4 Best Plus Size Kayaks for Big Guys: Fishing Kayak 400 lb Capacity

Comparison Table of Big Man Kayaks:

ModelWeight CapacityLengthOur Rating
Sea Eagle SE330500lbs11'2"9.8/10
Aspire 105400lbs10'6"9.6/10
Yellowfin 120400lbs12'9.7/10
BKC PK13550lbs13'9.5/10

I am an overweight man who has tried many physical activities to lose weight and have had fun. Kayaking is one of the best activities that offer both. If you have ever been to a kayak shop, you will know that there aren’t many models suitable for heavy people.

It’s a hobby for thin athletes. This is not true. There’re many great kayak models for heavier users. Today, I want to share with you the top plus-size kayaks for plus size people (400lb capacity).

Best Plus Size Kayaks Fishing Kayak 400 lb Capacity

Kayaking can be either a low-impact activity or an intense one, depending on your preference. This means that you can improve your strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness.

It is a great way to increase upper body strength. There is a noticeable improvement in cardiovascular health. All of this is enhanced by the peaceful view of your watery surroundings.

Many years ago, I began my search for the best heavy-duty kayaks. Although I was a keen kayaker, it was challenging to find kayaks that would support my weight. This is my list of top plus-size kayaks, compiled from years of experience.

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The 4 Best Plus Size Kayaks for Large People: Fishing Kayak 400 lb Capacity

1. Sea Eagle SE330 (500lb Kayak – Big Man Kayak)

You might be surprised to learn that an inflatable is the best plus-size kayak for under $500! It’s not surprising to me, and it was my decision!

A plus-sized kayak with a large capacity is expensive. Beginners don’t want their entire vacation budget to be spent on kayaks.

You might feel tempted to spend more if you already knew kayaking is for you or if you only wanted one kayak. For those who want to get started or need multiple kayaks, the Sea Eagle SE330 is the best kayak for heavy people.

Here are my favorite things about it:
  • This kayak is by far the most affordable on this list! Although it won’t last as long as a molded kayak, I know friends who have had their inflatables for over five years.
  • It is made from heavy-duty Polykrylar, which is very durable. It can be patched if you manage to puncture it.
  • This kayak is easier to pack than regular kayaks! You can fit a kayak for your whole family in the back seat of your minivan, unlike the other options! Once you reach the water,? It’s ready in just 6 minutes!
  • This kayak can do Class III Whitewater runs, which is more than you would ever want to do with it! If you don’t understand what this means, it is capable of handling some rough waters!
  • It can support up to 500 lbs, which is perhaps the best feature. It is the second-largest kayak on the list!

Although I don’t own the kayak, my friends do. They’ve spent quite a bit of time in them. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn kayaking.

This 500 lb capacity sit on top kayak is the best if you are looking for a kayak that can hold 400 lbs. You can order it from the official Amazon listing and get a paddle, premium seating, a carry bag with a pump, a foot pump, as well as a repair kit. It’s a win-win situation!

If this is the one, get fishing kayak 500 lb capacity today for your spouse and all your friends (plus size people only :)).

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2. 400lb Capacity Sit-On-Top Kayak (This Kayak for 400 Pound Person)

Some molded kayaks can be used if you don’t need an inflatable. However, they have a lower weight limit and may not suit your needs as well.

Wilderness System’s Aspire105 is the best. Although the kayak’s capacity is slightly smaller, it is still the best fishing/recreational kayak for under $1000! This sit on top kayak 400 lb capacity is great for fishing from a kayak or if you need to go to a place with lots of rocks and sticks.

Here are some highlights of kayaks that hold 400 lbs:
  • This kayak is a recreational ‘yak designed for larger paddlers (large person). The extra comfortable seat provides maximum support and comfort. It also features quick-adjust footrests that can be adjusted for tall or short users.
  • It’s well-designed with lots of features that make it easy for beginners and overweight people, such as a launching hull, plenty of storage, and options for fishing attachments.
  • The sit-on design is very stable, and it’s much easier to fit on/in for overweight paddlers than a sit-in design.

This kayak is an excellent choice for those who’re tight on budget and need a sturdy kayak that heavy people can use.

The kayak’s 400 lb weight is an indication of its quality for the price. (kayak weight limit 400 lbs)

3. Vibe Yellowfin 120: Lake & Ocean Kayak for Heavy People

This is the best choice if you want to get in a plus-sized kayak first!

The Vibe is a big name in sit-on-top kayaks. Fortunately, many of their models have a maximum weight of 400 lbs or more. Vibe kayaks can be used for everything from rivers to lakes to ocean exploration.

These are just a few of my favorite features about the kayak, in addition to its 400-pound weight.

The seat is a standout. Sit-in kayaks can make me feel like I’m on a hard seat. The seat is closer to a lawn chair, and I can sit in it for several hours without having to get up.

BKC RA220 11.6′ Single Fishing Kayak W/Upright Back Support Aluminum Frame Seat, Paddle; Rudder Included Solo Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak

This kayak offers the best compromises in terms of speed, stability, comfort, and speed. It’s responsive enough to feel comfortable on the river without feeling unstable or twitchy on large bodies of water. It tracks well and glides nicely for a plus-sized kayak, which is very helpful if your goal is not to get too tired.

The storage is good. Although I’d have liked to see more storage on the top, there is enough space behind the seat for overnight gear if you are going on a longer trip.

Although it may not matter to you as much, I wouldn’t say I like looking fat and bumbling. Everyone goes back to their regular routine when I take the kayak out of my truck bed. It may look like I know my stuff, but this kayak is stunning, and people stop me to ask about the model.

If you are a man of considerable size who is serious about kayaking and want to lose some weight, then this amount of money will be necessary. Although the price of this kayak is higher than I expected, it is still a great deal for someone larger than me. Don’t buy a Walmart kayak! You’ll regret it! This one is better for heavy guys!

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4. BKC PK13: Best Fishing Kayak for Big Guys [Plus Size Kayaks]

Let’s not forget the ugly truth about kayaking if you aren’t an experienced paddler. It might be challenging to row your kayak if you are over 300lbs. You might find it challenging to transport a kayak if you have a large stomach or back fat. What’s the solution? It’s here!

With a capacity of 400 lbs, this is the best and cheapest pedal-powered kayak on the market. Yes, you heard that right…pedal-powered. It’s easy just to hop in and start turning your feet with ease. People prefer speed and increased relaxation to the faster pace and the more effective workout with your feet rather than your arms.

This big man kayak is even more helpful for fishers. Have you ever tried paddling in a kayak to trot? You can forget about it. This pedal system allows you to explore the lake and continue casting.

The BKC PK13 pedal kayak is the most advanced. It is identical to the RA220 in specs but adds a foot and a quarter, 100 pounds of weight, and pedal power. It’s all in one package.

With the added length comes more stability, more storage, and so forth. It is, however, the same boat. This is the best option if you are looking for a plus-sized kayak that will not break the bank when it comes down to weight.

What To Look For Plus-Sized Kayaks, Fishing Kayak 400 lb Capacity?

Weight Capacity

This is the most crucial consideration for any heavy or large person. Many kayaks can support up to 600 lbs and have a 4-500lb weight limit. A word of caution: kayak weight capacity doesn’t refer to the angler/paddler’s weight.

It refers to your total weight, which includes all of your gear and, hopefully, many fish. A Kayak should have a weight capacity that is at least 1200 pounds higher than your body weight. Although you won’t need that much gear, the additional weight will allow for stability.

Kayak Type:

There are six types of kayaks. But if you’re a big man, there are only two options: the sit-on-top recreation kayak and the kayak/canoe combination.


Kayak stability is usually determined by two factors: the overall width and the weight displacement. The kayak will be more stable if you are lower in the water. Sit-on-top kayaks become less stable with height, but the tradeoffs are worth it. The kayaks on this list are stable, easy to fish from, and some can even be walked to.

A wide, comfortable seat:

If the kayak’s capacity is only 900 lbs, a plus-sized kayak will not be of many benefits. So that you don’t have sore backs or tush, I searched for kayaks with wide, comfortable seats.

Accessories, Options, and Perks

This may be your first time looking at high-capacity kayaks. We chose the most affordable models. Tie-downs and the possibility to add a fishfinder were all considered. There are kayaks with trolling motors and pedal drives.

What if you aren’t sure if kayaking is right for you? Even though I love kayaks, there was a time when we needed something more to get to the lake. You’re not alone (pun intended); I have you covered!

Starter Accessories For Plus-Sized Kayakers:

There’re some things you need to do before you can get your big man kayak. Accessorizing with kayaks is a worthwhile investment. Your fishing trips and explorations will be more enjoyable and successful if you invest in quality items.

The Big Man’s Life Jacket

A life jacket is a must for anyone who wants to get into kayaking. I fish and kayak in very cold water and assure you that a life jacket will save your life if you fall over. If you don’t want to spend three times as much on a life jacket, the Onyx is the best option for plus-sizes.

  • It can fit up to 65 inches! Amazon claims it can fit up to 60 inches, but my jacket was 45-65 inches.
  • It was specifically designed for kayak fishing.
  • This vest has a lot of storage and can be used to store forceps. This vest is essential, so get the life jacket that doubles as a vest!

A Paddle

Let’s face it; you are a fisherman and not a whitewater kayaker. You don’t need a $300 paddle, and even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

We want a paddle that is as efficient as possible and doesn’t cost too much. We found one. We bought it. Then, he recommended it to you.

Here are some key features:

  • Its fiberglass-reinforced blades are smoother and more efficient than traditional paddles, helping you paddle faster and further!
  • It is easy to store or travel with.
  • When you can retrieve a hook underwater, the little notch on one blade is a hook retrieval mechanism.
  • It is made in America.

Kayak Cart

You might think that you can carry your kayak to the water by lifting it from the car rack. It’s not. You might if the kayak is only 10 feet long.

These plus-sized kayaks are heavy at 65-85 lbs and can be challenging to transport, so you need something to move them. Add the cart

  • For years of trouble-free service, the Yak-Gear Ctug features puncture-free wheels.
  • It’s made from a high-stretch alloy, so it won’t rust. It will eventually get wet.
  • It will be dismantled in less than 20 seconds.
  • It can hold 300 pounds. Perfect for a large kayak!

5 Steps to Choosing a Plus-Size Kayak:

1. Decide for what purpose you will use your kayak

The purpose of your kayak will play a major role in determining the right size kayak. Are you looking to take it out on small ponds? The ocean? You can go on a river trip with your dog. Fishing? Perhaps you are looking for a sport that allows you just to relax and not have to look around for a place to sit?

While I tried to list kayaks that would work well in every situation, it is possible to find kayaks made for specific purposes. Be prepared to spend a lot of time searching and paying a high price for all-around recreational kayaks suitable for heavy people.

Even if you’re not fishing, I would recommend that everyone get a fishing kayak. Fishing kayaks are stable and have many attachment points to gear. They can also be used for long periods on the water.

2. Select a type of kayak

It would help if you chose the right kayak for you. There are many kayaks, but we can only group them into two kinds: sit-on or sit-in. Both can hold 400lb or more.

You’ll be happy with either kayak if you’re a beginner. My first kayak was for family and friends to have fun on the lake. We would spend the day changing off, jumping off, etc. I enjoyed fishing and taking my kayak down slower rivers. This is why I chose a sit-on-top version. Decide what works best for you.

You can check out this comparison: Sit On Top vs Sit In Kayak: Which Should You Choose?

Tips for Fat Paddlers Starting Out:

There are many online guides for beginners kayakers, so I won’t bore anyone with a long book. Although a kayak with a 400lb weight is quite user-friendly, I have a few tips that I believe will be of particular benefit to heavy and large people who want to get on the water.

Do not start in very shallow water.

My first experience with a plus-size kayak was when I thought I would jump in from shore to avoid getting sloppy. It wasn’t a plus-size kayak. I was a plus-size man, and I went straight over to the other side.

I smashed my face against a rock at the bottom of the lake, and then I broke my knee on a rock. If I had the chance to go back, I would make sure I got into the kayak at the bottom of the stream/lake/etc. I would either get in from a dock or soft mud.

Inevitably, you’ll eventually get wet.

Regardless of how much you try to avoid it, you will eventually get wet. You can prevent panicking and get back on the right track quickly by having a plan.

I never kayak alone, and I make sure I have a backup plan in case something happens. Keep your keys, wallet, phone, and keys in a dry bag.

Enjoy the ride.

The best plus-size kayak will get you on the water most often. It doesn’t matter if you purchase the most affordable sit-on-top kayak or the largest kayak with the greatest weight capacity.

What matters is that it does not collect dust in your garage. Get out there and enjoy the scenery. Have fun paddling!


For many years, kayaking has been my favorite form of aerobics and leisure. It took me some time to test out different products and find the best. It is crucial to find the right kayak for you.

These heavy-duty kayaks may have been rare ten years ago. They are now as easy to find online like any other kayak. You would be missing out on a lot if you didn’t give them a shot.

These kayaks were able to hold my weight and 60-70 lbs of equipment. If they can support that much weight, then they can also hold your weight.

This information is provided to you, hoping that at least one of these products will appeal to you. You don’t need to try them all before you choose a favorite.

They worked for heavy guys like me. They’d surely work for me. However, I strongly suggest that you do not take my word for this. You can try one kayak right now. You’ll be surprised, I think.

Other Models Here.

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