10 Best Fishing Kayak Under 800 Dollar [2024 Reviews]

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Best Fishing Kayak Under 800 Dollar:

Kayaks have made quite a name and have become a popular choice in fishing today. They provide you with the benefits that you won’t get from traditional motorized fishing boats.

Fishing kayaks also provide anglers and fishermen a lot to appreciate, not just because you can find high-quality models at a reasonable cost but also because fishing kayaks offer stability, storage, and a variety of other features and accessories to ensure you are comfortable, organized and dry.

Best Fishing Kayak under 800 Dollar | Best Fishing Kayaks under $800

Selecting the right fishing kayak is crucial to many fishers or anglers. Particularly for those who enjoy paddling on small and shallow bodies of water and even on rough waves or even on a calm river. A kayak that costs about 800 dollars or smaller than the price of a kayak is an excellent choice.

You can conclude that you’re not paying too much for the kayak in this price range, but you can fully take advantage of the features essential to enjoy fishing in a kayak. Furthermore, you’re not sacrificing features or functionality by spending less.

TOP 10 Best Fishing Kayaks Under 800 Dollar:

1. Lifetime Angler 100 – Lifetime Tamarack Kayaks

The Lifetime Tamarack fishing kayak made by Lifetime is a great choice for novice and experienced anglers who need to walk across a calm lake stream or a large lake.

The kayak is extremely solid, making it ideal for people with tenderfoots.

It’s also a great purchase for anyone with budget constraints. Many kayaks suffer from this cost and usually only last one season.

Fortunately, the Lifetime kayak comes with a five-year guarantee that lets you stay to your purchase.

Its Lifetime Tamarack is a warm kayak that you can consider with beautiful construction with the best UV protection.

It’s an excellent excursion with numerous advantages and can be used to fish in all water conditions. It is perfect for fishing spots, such as streams and lakes.

This light kayak will give you the speed you require when you’re a paddler. It’s not an ideal arrangement for budgets. However, it’s perfect for star kayakers.

It also comes with T-handles in the rear and front to effortlessly transport the kayak.

The kayak gives you ample space to hold all your possessions. You can easily store larger equipment like gears and other essentials on the site. Because of the ample space, it’s simpler to store more space.

Some seats can be adapted, paired with the rudder support openly. It is a good option for trips that last a whole day for rowing and fishing.

2. Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak For Sale

Are you searching for an inflatable kayak with a high capacity for carrying heavy loads? Driftsun Voyager comes with all the features you’ll want to look for in the most effective fishing kayak that costs less than $800.

What is the advantage of an inflatable kayak beneficial for anglers? Anglers who have health issues such as osteoporosis, muscle pain, back pain, etc., can easily step into and out of an inflatable kayak.

Additionally, an inflatable kayak gives more mobility than a fiberglass or polyethylene kayak. It is no surprise that the kayak can be carried around.

When deflated, it’s the following dimensions: 26″ (L) x 16″ (W) 8″ (H), which can fit perfectly into a bag for carrying (included in the package).

Additionally, the package comes with an EVA-padded hull, two-seat cushions, two paddles, the hand pump that is an action, the skeg of tracking that can be removed, and a bag for carrying.

It’s a two-person kayak carrying a capacity for load-carrying of 400 pounds. The kayak weighs 27 pounds.

3. Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90

As you are aware, a kayak with a wide hull can withstand effectively in rough water because the larger hull provides the balance.

Therefore, if you regularly fish in coastal waters and saltwater or in areas where water flows, then the Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 ensures that the rough water doesn’t slide down the kayak and will be able to control the fishing equipment effectively.

It is a professional fishing kayak, and it has the best maintenance capabilities over other accessories like rod holders, fishing coolers, fish bags, or tackle containers.

When you purchase the kayak, you don’t need to do any DIY installation of rod holders because it already comes with built-in four-rod holders.

These rod holders with flush mounts can grip the handles of rods as tightly as you would expect, and after fishing, you can secure the rod’s mouth to make it appear as if the bugs can’t remain there.

If you are fishing offshore, you will require a cooler for fishing in the kayak, as it will keep your fish from harmful bacteria. The kayak has a deck made of rope that is secured to the fishing bag or cooler.

If you’ve also lost your kayak in the water, This Skipjack 90 will keep you secure from having to experience the same kind of incident.

This includes the protected paddle holders that are secured to the paddle. You can leave the paddle to rest on the holders even when not in their job.

4. Bris 15.4 Ft Inflatable Boat – 4 Person Inflatable Kayak

It’s not yet the best fishing tackle but thinks about the other options if that’s all you’ve got. If you’re looking for an opportunity to relax on a boat, you’re taking everything on the line.

If you’re in search of more powerful exercises for your body. There are other options with similar prices. All in all, you can create a decent kayak for less than 800.

The BRIS 15.4Ft is a premier inflatable kayak. It’s typically used as a standard kayak, and you can row it whenever you want to, at sea, along the waterways, and in the lakes. It is also extremely efficient using a low-cost electric trolling motor or an inexpensive gas engine.

This BRIS 15.4Ft kayak fits well in a medium-sized backpack. Instead of leasing a boat to travel on, You can now bring your BRIS kayak.

The extremely stable construction lets you fly, stand, or even reach the places where other vessels cannot take a trip to fish for the best. It is a BRIS 15.4Ft kayak perfect for use as dinghy boats and yachts.

The high-pressure air inflatable deck is totally solid and stable. You can walk, stand or even jump over it, just like the ground. Two air chambers on each side of the cylinder ensure the ship’s safety.

Mirrors are secured by triangular sprinkle gatekeepers that limit scattering backscatter and shield them from the heat and UV radiations.

5. Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Here’s the ideal kayak you can buy without paying the $1,000 price. It’s priced from $$$ as of the moment of writing. The boat comes with a range of features to enhance your fishing experience.

The Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders allow you to alter the angle of your rod for smooth, hitch-free, and hands-free fishing.

What’s more? The Airtight System can assure that the kayak won’t leak. The 18-PVC gauge construction gives the kayak a sturdy structure.

6. Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe 3 Person Inflatable Kayak Canoe

The Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3-person Inflatable Kayak is among the smallest, light and durable, flexible, and cost-effective kayaks available. It is ideal for exploring, fishing waves, ocean surf, and swifts.

Most kayakers use it on lakes, rivers, ocean surf, bays, and other areas. The weight of an inflatable kayak is 32 pounds, and its weight capacity is 650 pounds.

Therefore, it can hold up to three persons (Or two adults plus two children). Due to its lightweight design, you can transport it conveniently anywhere, and it is just about 10 seconds to fill it up. It’s an excellent experience for kayakers with experience and novices too.

7. Pelican Maxim 100X Recreational Kayak

A Pelican store is well-known for its high-end kayaks, and this one is no exception. Its price starts at only $$$; the top models, few offer more value for money when it comes to an inflatable, premium kayak.

Furthermore, it is one of the most sought-after models of kayaks available on Amazon.

The kayak can support up to a maximum capability of 275 lbs. It weighs just 36 lbs. Its lightweight design is made possible thanks to the unique design of the manufacturer RAM-X technology, which is patented and triple-layered materials.

The kayak is built to be stable because of its shallow V chine hull. This makes it perfect for an angler’s kayak. It has ample storage and even a table in the cockpit with bottle holders, making it ideal for long fishing trips.

8. Perception Pescador 12 Sit on Top Kayak

Perception may seem familiar if you’ve been looking into kayaks for paddles and the brand. Perception is a well-known brand known for its focus on detail in the sport of kayaking. The Pesador 12 model fits in perfectly with this image.

This single-user sit on the top of the paddle kayak created to be used for fishing. There’s plenty of space in the hull to maneuver around comfortably on.

It’s made of polyethylene, which makes it light and very robust. Anyone can move it from the car to the water in no time.

One of the greatest features of this model, Pescador 12, is extremely comfortable. It comes with an ergonomic seating system backed by dense, ventilated padding that provides excellent support.

Because it’s a sitting-on-top kayak, you’ll feel more comfortable fishing standing.

You’ll be fortunate if you’re looking for storage space since this model comes with larger tank wells than the Pescador Pro 10.0 version.

Some ropes can hold your tank in place, and the tank wells on the front are covered with mesh covers, so you don’t need to be concerned about losing your fishing equipment.

You’ll be able to glide across the water without difficulty with this Pescador 12 sitting-on-top kayak. It’s extremely responsive and can turn very quickly. This is due to its well-designed structure and layout.

This leak-proof single-piece kayak was designed with stability, buoyancy, and safety. We made our top choice for the top fishing kayaks under $800.

9. Sevylor Big Basin Kayak

There are very few fishing kayaks that can accommodate three adults. A smaller number appears in the top list of fishing kayaks that cost less than 700.

This Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak is a perfect example of this. That is one of the best inflatable Kayaks for Families too.

Ideal for flat water situations, The heavy-duty kayak comes with an extremely tough and durable PVC Tarpaulin that makes it immune to punctures, tears, and rips.

It’s also extremely solid and stable, and it tracks as easily as the traditional hardshell kayak.

Three air chambers render it almost un-sinkable. The built-in front and back airtight splash guards will keep the water well-hydrated and comfy. Additionally, the kayak can hold 490 lbs, even though it weighs just 35 lbs.

Although it could be designed for shorter people, it’s no a doubt that this kayak, which is priced at just $$$, is worth the investment.

Thanks to Double-threaded Boston Valves, inflation and deflation are a mere 10 minutes and quite a simple and easy job.

10. Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak

Inflatable kayaks give you the best mobility and transportation. This is because they can be folded and packed in backpacks.

If portability is important to your and you often fish on your own, the Straitedge angler from Advanced Elements kayak is the perfect choice for you.

If you are worried about the possibility of punctures, we inform you that Advanced Elements has offered you this kayak built with strength and a durable inflatable design.

For the best and most durable durability, They have employed multi-layer materials and pads for abrasion.

It’s also built with broad beams to provide the highest stability and let you fish comfortably and easily from this kayak even while standing.

The fishing kayak comes with two-rod holders in the back of its seat. In addition, it also has a unique mount that is removable so that you can customize your fishing kayak by adding the rail mountable rod holders that are available from aftermarket and fishing finder, compass, and many other accessories.

In terms of storage, it features a huge deck lacing made of bungee at the front and back. Additionally, it has a paddle holder that keeps your paddles secure when they are not being used to clean your hands.

The most popular feature that this fisherman’s kayak has is its adjustable high-back seat and an inflatable lumbar cushion that makes it extremely comfortable for long fishing periods.

The fishing kayak was made to work in rivers of class I-III and flat waters, and even saltwater.

You can find other models here.

The Feature You Need To Look For In The Best Fishing Kayak Under 800

If you are planning to spend 800 USD to purchase a fishing kayak, you must be certain that your budget is within an acceptable range so that you will find the most suitable for your needs within this. What you should be trying to find when comparing the best kayaks on the market:

Type of the Kayak

There are kayaks such as sit-on-top, sit-in single, double kayaks, inflatable kayaks, long and wide kayaks, etc.

It’s important to choose according to your needs and requirements so that you can keep up to the current conditions on the water like a pro and relish your fishing trip.

The Size

Fishing kayaks can be found in various sizes that range between 8, 10, and 13 feet, and it is contingent on the number of people they are designed to accommodate and the storage space that it gives fishers.

It is also possible to choose the right size based on your requirements and storage capacity. The size of the kayak is crucial if you’re an overweight person who requires an area to rest comfortably.


The primary materials from which the kayaks are constructed include composite and plastic materials and inflatable kayaks.

You may require using a plastic kayak to make it in a more manageable way since it’s lightweight and composite-built kayaks are stronger than other types.

The Capacity and Weight Limit

Kayak capacity can be anything from a single person up to two people. It’s up to you to pick the model you want.

Weight limits are a crucial element to be considered as they can affect the stability and ease of maneuvering on the watercraft.

The majority of kayaks can carry 200 to 550 pounds, depending on the capacity of accommodation for the kayak.

Weight of the Kayak

The kayak’s mass is important in a big way as it can allow you to keep the kayak in your bag and transport it wherever.

Lightweight kayaks can be transported with ease. You should be aware that the heavier the kayak, the more difficult it is to transport it.

Hull type

Hull types determine the speed, stability, and suitability of the kayak for various types of water. V-shaped hulls are ideal for rapid water and offer high speed to make quick movements. Round hulls ensure that you can easily move in slow water and deep lake.


If you have an adjustable and comfortable seat in your kayak, you can relax and catch fish for the time you require. A seat that has a backrest and cushioning that is comfortable would be the ideal choice for you.

While some kayaks offer a sitting area rather than the backrest or enough space to put in seats separately. Find the model that you like the most.


A sturdy kayak is necessary, as if going fishing, you must remain stable and easy while you are casting the line and keeping up with fish on the waters. A stable kayak can help you remain balanced while sitting in it.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is among the most important aspects you must consider because you’ll be keeping your fishing bait, fish caught, and other equipment or a cooler in your kayak.

The capacity should be enough to protect your possessions and allow for things to be stored without being lost in the water.

Keel or No Keel

Modern kayaks can retract their keels, but some are not permanent, and some even include one. Keels give the kayak greater control and increase its speed. Therefore it is better to buy a fishing boat with one.

As you could be fishing in different waters at various times, it’s sensible to get an outdoor kayak with the ability to retract its Keel.

It is essential in deep water to facilitate paddling. If you’re going into shallow waters that could be rocky, then you do not require the Keel.

Fasteners, Straps, Holders

A majority of high-quality kayaks have the option to attach gadgets and other accessories. Find the models with straps, buckles, holders, and more. To help you organize your kayak’s gear quickly.

Conclusion [Best Fishing Kayak Under 800 Dollars]

It’s not just that the kayaks you choose to purchase are a few dollars more expensive, doesn’t suggest that they’re poor quality.

You’ll be amazed by the fact that these kayaks can be just as good or superior to the top-of-the-line models.

We hope that the choices above has helped you select the right fishing kayak for your fishing endeavors. Be sure to think about your lifestyle and preferences when selecting the right kayak.

We’re sure that the kayaks that we’ve listed are well-equipped and you will not regret investing in one or two.

FAQs [Best Fishing Kayak Under 800 Dollars]

Are Cheap Kayaks Worth It?

Cheap kayaks are usually made of poor quality materials and risk while at sea. Kayak makers should use high-quality materials and build them more securely.

Why Are Fishing Kayaks So Expensive?

Kayaks can cost a lot because you are paying for a higher quality mixture of plastics than you would for lower-cost customization. Another reason why kayaks are prone to be costly is that they are designed with a view to durability.

Instead of being something you must purchase every couple of years, kayaks shouldn’t need to be repaired or replaced frequently.

What Size Kayak Do I Need For My Height?

Kayaks come in different sizes. Fishing kayaks are typically lighter and smaller than the visiting types.

Can You Stand In A Sit-In Kayak?

The Stand Assist Tie is an additional tie that helps keep your feet on the ground if you fall from the water. It doesn’t matter whether you’re standing or sitting. Your body is still falling into the lake.

What Is The Difference Between A Fishing Kayak And A Regular Kayak?

Fishing kayaks are essentially identical to a normal kayak, but they are equipped with features specifically designed to meet the needs of anglers.

For instance, many manufacturers have included rod holders on their kayaks, so anglers can easily access them.

What Color of Kayak is Best for Fishing?

The majority of kayakers favor the bright orange hues. Yellow kayaks are also known to be easily visible.

How Can I Make My Fishing Kayak More Stable?

There are various ways you can take to ensure your kayak is sailing smoothly. The first is to ensure the load you’re carrying isn’t too light. Then, make sure not to sit in a slouched position.

What is the Best Cheap Fishing Kayak?

Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-TK181 is one of the most affordable kayaks available. You can purchase fishing kayaks that are less expensive than this.

However, it is essential to recognize that a kayak can be described as a miniature boat. If you’re on the water with your spouse or child, you shouldn’t wish for problems because of a poor-quality, fault-prone kayak.

Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-TK181 is not just cheap, but it is also a reliable item. Brooklyn Kayak Company has been active in the fish equipment market for years.

What Can I Do To Keep My Fishing Kayak In Good Condition?

Kayaks must be cleaned and inspected following every use. If any scratches or cracks are caused by an excursion to fish, they’ll require to be taken seriously.

It’s also important to periodically sand down the fiberglass of your kayaks and then rub UV salve on the plastic kayaks. This will increase its endurance.

What is the Best Size Kayak for Fishing?

Kayaks are usually used for fishing. A smaller kayak is best for lakes, ponds, or rivers. A larger size kayak is recommended for oceans.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Go Fishing?

In the southern regions of the U.S., you can usually go fishing all year round, and winter is an ideal time to go fishing; ensure you’ve dressed appropriately.

In the summer, fishing in the early morning or later in the evening is ideal since you don’t have to sit in the sun. The best time to fish is out at sunset in the fall and spring.

Are Sit In Kayaks Good For Fishing?

Why would you not? One of the major advantages of a kayak with a sitting-on-top is that it allows you to rise while fishing.

In addition, it needs less expertise. If you get turned around the way you want to, it’s simpler to return to than sitting in a while in the water.

Do Kayaks Flip Over Easily? What Happens If A Kayak Flips While Fishing?

Kayaks are built to stop flipping, and it’s not a good idea to let it occur too often. If you’re constantly flipping your kayak, ensure that the kayak is appropriate for the conditions that you’re in.

If your kayak is flipped, make sure you remain calm. Be sure to wear PFDs, and exit the kayak as safely as possible.

Where Is The Best Place To Find A Fishing Kayak Under $800?

The best place to purchase your fishing boat is Amazon. You’ll find other anglers’ reviews and their opinions and suggested products that might meet your requirements as well.

Another option is to purchase the local fish tackle shop to determine whether the model you’re looking for will fit your body and height before purchasing.

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