Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Canoe Review 2024

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Canoe Review:

Have you ever wished that you could combine the simplicity and comfort of a solo kayak with the portability and maneuverability of a canoe?

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Canoe Review

The Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman is the perfect boat for this combination. This versatile boat was designed for anglers and hunters. It is the perfect companion on the water for outdoor lovers.

The canoe is light, beautiful, and very easy to use. Everywhere I go, I receive compliments on this canoe—best purchase ever. The Yakima roller assistance helped me to maneuver the canoe around my small frame. Give yourself some freedom and go outside!-Martin Arostegui

Old Town updates Discovery 119:

Old Town’s Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman canoe/kayak hybrid is a small canoe paddled with a kayak paddle. The Sportsman is a hybrid that combines the best aspects of both a kayak and canoe.

Old Town’s NEXT hybrid, and the Sportsman’s grandfather, Discovery 119, are the closest analogies. The NEXT is a canoe/kayak hybrid, while the Sportsman has more freeboard and a wider beam. For a sportier ride, the Sportsman’s keel has a slightly arched shape.

The Solo Sportsman is not comparable to the original Discovery 119 canoe. It has a shared hull. Old Town also added a low-profile seat to the topside and storage for fishing and hunting gear.

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The Ultimate in Convenience and Grab-and-go:

The Solo Sportsman, when compared to other hybrids, is lighter, more comfortable, and dryer than a combination of a kayak and standup paddleboard. The Sportsman’s canoe body allows for enough space to transport a child or dog. The Sportsman is a better choice than other kayaks that can be sailed quickly with minimal gear.

The Sportsman is an excellent choice to create a simple fishing platform to transport, use, and store. The Sportsman, weighing only 56 pounds, is easy to lift. With the extra-large bow and stern handles, it is easy to transport on your shoulder or drag.

The three-ply polyethylene hull is my favorite feature in the Discovery series. The plastic sandwich is lightweight and strong thanks to its hard plastic outer layer and a foam core. The Sportsman is easy to drag and drop.

This three-layer material is more durable than the rotomolded plastic used for traditional sit-on-top kayaks. The Discovery Solo Sportsman is an excellent choice for jumping over rocks in low-water rivers with minimal rapids.

The Discovery Solo Sportsman can be lowered down concrete culverts and rocky shorelines, making it ideal for commando fishing missions in suburban areas.

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Solo Sportsman is available for action.

The Sportsman’s topside is also a hybrid canoe-kayak. You can pack light camping gear in the open cockpit of the canoe. The space behind your seat will also hold a large cooler or 25-quart crate.

Old Town moved the seat forward to make room for kayak-style footpegs and a solid paddling platform. A flush-mounted gear track is located in the front thwart to store a rod holder, fish finder, or other accessories.

To prevent my paddle from slipping out of the kayak during castings, I added a paddle holder onto the gear track. Two flush-mount rod holders are located in the rear thwart just behind the seat. They can be used to hold additional gear tracks or other accessories.

Solo Sportsman is capable of carrying a lot of gear. However, heavy loads are not ideal for the small boat’s grab-and-go nature. To get rid of the gear crate, I use the standard rod holders.

Then, I throw my gear and lunch into a waterproof backpack. I added a YakGear YakSack YakSack to my rear thwart to hold small tackle boxes, leaders, and some fishing tools.

Pair of adjustable footpegs provide a solid foundation for strong paddle strokes. The foot pegs’ new locking mechanism stays in place.

Solo Sportsman’s new Solo Sportsman seat is the star of this show. The NEXT’s frame seat doesn’t support powerful paddle strokes. The Discovery canoe’s bench seat is not designed to be sat on but rather serves as a support for paddlers kneeling on the canoe floor. The Sportsman’s seat has a padded bottom and back.

To keep out of the water, the seat is slightly raised from the floor. This position increases stability and brings the paddler closer into the water, allowing for greater power.

To provide lower back support, the seatback can be adjusted in several ways. Sportsman is one of the most comfortable canoes available for single paddlers due to its adjustable fit and padded seat bottom.

The armrests have a cubby to store small tackle items and shotgun shells. Cutouts are provided for pliers, scissors, or hang lures. The armrests have a small amount of EVA foam padding. This added comfort was very much appreciated.

The pads have a low seat with high gunnels, so I found myself resting my elbows against them. This configuration provides stability and protection against the elements. However, I found myself paddling with my arms raised and my hands open.

I was able to reach the water using a Carlisle Predator paddle that measured 240cm long. However, it took some getting used to sitting so low in a canoe. After I got my skills down, I could see myself using the Solo Sportsman for longer trips. [1]

Old Town’s Solo Sportsman can be your freshwater friend.

A kayak-canoe hybrid is not a boat that can do all types of fishing. The Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman is an excellent boat for freshwater anglers or waterfowl hunters. It can be stuffed full of decoys and dogs or slung over a shoulder to get to a difficult-to-reach fishing spot.

Discovery 133 vs Discovery 158 vs Discovery 169 vs Saranac 146 vs Saranac 160:

Items:Saranac 146Saranac 160 Discovery 133Discovery 158Discovery 169
Length 14 feet 6"16 feet 13 feet 3"15 feet 8"16 feet 9"
Width 36"37"40.5"35.5"37"
Usage Fishing, Recreation Fishing, Recreation Fishing, Recreation Fishing, Recreation Fishing, Recreation
Paddlers Up to 3 Up to 3 Up to 3 Up to 2 Up to 2
Width at 4-Inch Waterline 36"34.75"39"35.5"35"
Weight 79 lbs89 lbs 78 lbs87 lbs91 lbs
Bow Height 18"18"20.25"21.5"23"
Depth 13.25"13.5"14"13.5"15"
Material Thermoformed Polyethylene Thermoformed Polyethylene Three-Layer Polyethylene Three-Layer Polyethylene Three-Layer Polyethylene
Capacity 750 lbs850 lbs800 lbs1150 lbs1400 lbs
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