Old Town Kayak For Sale [2024 Reviews and Buying Guide]

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Best Old Town Kayak For Sale 2024:

Since 1898, Old Town has been a leader in kayak and canoe sales. They have combined technology and tradition over the years to create the best kayaks. You have the option of choosing from a range of materials, which allows you to choose between affordability and functionality.

These kayaks have comfortable seats, paddle holders, and carry handles. An Old Town kayak is a unique and well-constructed kayak that will last the test of time.

Old Town Kayak For Sale

What Makes Old Town Kayaks So Special?

Old Town makes some of the toughest kayaks available. The LT9000 material is used to make their latest kayaks. This high-grade plastic is a combination of polyethylene and polyethylene. It is three times layered to create one of the strongest plastics.

This plastic is both thick and lightweight. It is lightweight enough to carry your kayak easily from the vehicle to the lake. Old Town kayaks are strong enough to withstand any adventure. However, not all kayak manufacturers can boast that.

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Top 10 Best Old Town Kayaks for Sale 2024:

1. Old Town Canoes and Kayaks 10 Vapor Recreational Kayak [Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak for 2024]

The 10 Vapor Recreational can be used for single-user kayak adventures. It is best used if your goal is to paddle on calm waters like lakes, ponds, or rivers. To increase its durability, it is made of single-layer linear polyethylene.

It can also provide stability on the water. The seat is adjustable so that you can get the most comfortable setting. There is also a cockpit rim feature that allows you to rest your paddle when not in use.

It has knee and thigh pads that allow you to sit on the kayak while you paddle comfortably. The kayak has adjustable foot braces that can be adjusted to secure your position when rowing.

The cockpit has a cup holder so that you can always keep hydrated. You can also store your smaller items in the storage area. There is even a place for your iPad to be stored with bungee so that you can take it along while you paddle. The kayak’s cockpit rim is higher, so you don’t get wet. The 10 Vapor Recreational is 53 pounds and can be placed on top of your car.

This Old Town Vapor 10 was my second purchase. This kayak is a great choice and well worth the money. It is sturdy and stable. For better storage, I recommend ordering the deck hatch. This hatch cover is excellent for deck storage! This kayak offers excellent comfort and space and plenty of storage to store extras. This kayak is not suitable for white water enthusiasts. It can lose its handling in moderately unstable waters and will not be recommended to anyone. Experiential kayakers know better than to purchase a recreational kayak for this purpose. This kayak is great for fishing or paddling in rivers and open water. I give it five stars! –Richard Farino

2. Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak by Old Town [Best Old Town Fishing Kayak]

Old Town’s Topwater106 PDL Angler Fishing kayak is comfortable and easy to use. The kayak can be easily moved by pedaling forward or backward. You can dock the kayak easily, allowing you to fish more efficiently and hands-free.

The kayak offers many features, including an oversized stern tank well that will enable you to store your gears and storage that can hold three of your rods or tackle. The kayak’s air seat can be adjusted, and the deck is covered in EVA foam pads for better comfort and traction.

This kayak is easy to transport and has a sturdy double-hull design for good stability. Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak measures ten feet by six inches. It has a maximum load capacity of 450 pounds, so you can safely ride it with your bucket of fish.


It’s very stable.
It’s easy to use.
It’s a great advantage to have a high seat.
The boat doesn’t feel heavy.
After a while, the pedal drive becomes more flexible, and it is much easier to cruise at a comfortable pace.
There’re tons of storage options.
Cool is the rudder system.
The deck is spotless. You will appreciate the premounted tracks and map holders.
It’s so seductive that everyone envies it.


It’s very difficult to load it on a roof rack because it’s so large. It’ll likely be necessary to purchase a trailer.
The pedal drive is extremely heavy. It isn’t easy to transport everything.
I find it challenging to get the drive-in position. But that could just be me.

This Old Town Vapor 10 was my second purchase. This kayak is a great choice and well worth the money. It is sturdy and stable. For better storage, I recommend ordering the deck hatch. This hatch cover is excellent for deck storage! This kayak offers excellent comfort and space and plenty of storage to store extras. This kayak is not suitable for white water enthusiasts. It can lose its handling in moderately unstable waters and will not be recommended to anyone. Experiential kayakers know better than to purchase a recreational kayak for this purpose. This kayak is great for fishing or paddling in rivers and open water. I give it five stars! –Ivan Sanchez

3. Old Town Dirigo 120 Recreational Kayak

The Dirigo 120 is suitable for both beginners and experts. The kayak’s cockpit is large and allows you to easily paddle on the water, while maintaining your balance.

The kayak has a click seal hatch with bulkhead and a glovebox hatch, so you can keep your phone and keys safe. The safety line perimeter and a paddle keeper are also included. The seat is constructed from contoured plastic and has thigh pads that make it easy to hold.

To give you more control and leverage, the kayak comes with a foot brace system. The kayak has padding and a three-layer polyethylene feature that will ensure a stable and efficient ride.

The kayak can carry a maximum weight of 350 pounds and measures twelve feet in length. Old Town offers a limited warranty to its customers so that you can report any issues with the product.

The boat is solid and well built. Dry storage is dry. Locking hatch seals well and works well. The cup holders and comfortable seats are lovely.  The boat arrived in perfect condition. Delivery from Amazon was easy and smooth. The boat tracks well in the water and has excellent stability. – Grizzly Lambert

4. Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Kayak [Best Old Town Tandem Kayak]

This Dirigo Tandem Plus Recreational Kayak is a great option if you are looking for a group of people to kayak with. It is easy to accommodate two people, as it has a large cockpit that allows for plenty of space. It features a contoured seat feature made of poly and a thigh pad with an easy grip that will provide a comfortable experience on the water.

The kayak offers many features, including a glove box for small items, deck bungee, and bulkhead together with a bulkhead, bulkhead, paddle, and cup holders. This kayak measures 15 ft. x 3 inches and has a maximum weight of 475 pounds. It can carry two people. If you prefer a solo ride, you can remove the child seat and place it forward.

This kayak is my favorite! Beautiful on lakes. It was great for trolling. It’s excellent for fishing and just puttering about. It was heavy and awkward to mount on the vehicle. This could have been dangerous in windy conditions, so I bought a trailer to help me to tow it. You may not like towing a trailer, but the kayak is well worth it! – Alan Short

5. Old Town Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn Kota Motorized Fishing Kayak

The Sportsman 106 is another Old Town product perfect for fishing. You can take this product to the beach with you, as it has a trolling motor that is saltwater-friendly. It also has a thrust of 45lbs. The kayak’s floor is equipped with cushioned pads to provide better grip and comfort.

There is also a tackle box and holders for your rod. The universal transducer mount feature allows you to mount your fish finder quickly. You can adjust the foot braces to improve control and steering, as well as the dual-layer of Textilene mesh in the kayak’s seat.

The Sportsman 106 Fishing Kayak measures 10 ft. x 6 inches. It has a maximum weight capacity of 525 lbs, so you can transport all your essential gear.

6. Old Town Castine 145 Touring Kayak

Old Town’s Castine 145 Touring Kayak will provide you with a comfortable and balanced experience in kayaking. With its low-profile backrest and comfortable cockpit, this product can accommodate large-sized paddlers.

The product has a bow, a cross lock, removable day storage, and a carrying handle that allows you to transport it from your car to dock at the lake. If you need to improve your control in rough water conditions, this product can be used with a rudder. It can carry a maximum weight of 450 pounds and measures 14 feet by 6 inches.

7. Old Town Loon 106 Recreational Kayak [Best Old Town Loon Kayak]

This product features a deck with a sharp keel line and a triple-layered polyethylene hull for more efficient and advanced use. The cockpit has a comfortable seat and a thigh pad that is easy to grasp. If you need more kayaking space or wish to store it, you can remove the deck.

The kayak comes with all the necessary features, including a bow and stem for carrying handles and bungees, a click seal hatch, bulkhead, paddle clip, and a drain plug. The kayak also features a foot brace system to give you more control and leverage when riding.

This kayak can be used for tours and photos of the scenery without worrying about the battery. The kayak also has a USB port that will charge your phone. It measures 10 ft. x 6 inches and weighs 325 lbs for maximum loading.

8. Old Town Loon 126 Angler Fishing Kayak

The Loon 126 Angler Fishing Kayak has a sharp keel line and triple-layer polyethylene hull. It is an advanced piece of watercraft equipment that can be used for fishing. The cockpit has a comfortable seat, and the thigh pads are easy to grip.

Anglers will appreciate the product’s flush-mount rod holders and click seal hatch with bulkhead. It also has a bow and stern for carrying its handles and an anchor system. To provide better stability, the product has a support track to accommodate its foot brace feature.

If you need more storage space or customization, you can remove the work deck. This product measures 12 x 6 inches in size and can hold 450 pounds.

9. Old Town Sportsman PDL 106 Pedal Fishing Kayak [Best Old Town Pedal Kayak]

The Sportsman PDF106 Pedal Fishing Kayak is a quiet, stable option. The hull is a pontoon design, so it can be used in both forward and reverse. This will allow for easier navigation and hands-free fishing.

The kayak comes with all the features you need, such as cushioned pads on its floor, holders for rods, custom tackle boxes, and other accessories tracks. This kayak features a transducer mount system that makes fishing easier. It also allows for easy docking.

The Sportsman PDF106 Pedal Fishing Kayak features a seat that allows you to stretch your legs and ensure comfortable, even when you’re out on the water all day. The kayak has a dimension of 10 ft. x 6 inches and a maximum weight of 450 lbs. The product can be easily rolled on top of your car and taken with you when you travel.

10. Old Town Heron 11XT Recreational Kayak (Brown Camo, 11 Feet)

The Old Town Heron 11XT Recreational kayak is an excellent choice for beginners just starting in kayaking. If you are looking for a relaxed kayaking experience, this product will offer you all the necessary features. It can be adjusted to the most comfortable position and has easy-grip pads for your thighs.

The kayak has a carry handle, cup holder, and a built-in rod holder. It also features a click seal hatch to store your items, so you are always prepared while on the water. It also features an advanced support track feature that allows for more control and leverage while using the kayak.

This product measures 11 feet in length and can hold 325 pounds.

Old Town Kayaks for Sale Near me: Where to buy old town kayaks?

Buying Guide: What are the Essential Things to Know when Buying a Kayak?

This guide will show you the essential features to consider when purchasing a kayak.

You can choose to sit on top or inside your Kayak.

You have two choices for how you want to use your Kayak. One is to sit on top or inside it. If you’re tall or have a bigger paddle, the top kayak type has an open deck. You can move around the Kayak with ease and have more space to stretch your legs. This makes them ideal for angling.

Sitting in a kayak will keep your body warm and dry. You can store your gears in the storage area. This is an excellent option if you intend to paddle longer distances in cold waters.

Are You Looking for a Touring or Recreational Kayak?

The recreational Kayak is shorter in length but can offer more stability. These kayaks are also easier to transport and have more cockpits. It is longer than the touring type and has a shorter shape to move faster on the water. To provide better control when turning or edging on the water, it has leg and thigh braces. You will find it more convenient to store your gear and comfortable use, especially if you are on a long kayaking trip.

What type of Propels do you want for your Kayak?


The pedal type is the same thing as riding a bicycle. Its PDL drive system allows you to pedal forward or backward while leaving your hands free for fishing.


You can use paddle types for fishing, touring, and if you just want to have a great time on the water. Manual paddles can be used to propel your Kayak across the water, but this may require more effort.


You can choose a motorized kayak if you are looking for less effort. This type can be used for longer distances and offer a more stable ride, even in strong winds.

The performance of the Recreational Angler Type


These performance types can be used for fishing as they offer a more comfortable and stable ride. You can also get more options for mounting accessories and electronic features. It also provides different driving options. The recreational model is more affordable and can still offer the best features. It is easy to transport and put on top your car so it can be taken everywhere. You can also have a sitting inside cockpit for warmth.

Take into consideration the Product Specifications for Your Kayak.


The length of the Kayak has different benefits. A shorter-length kayak is easier to maneuver and control. A kayak with a longer length will give you a more efficient ride, as it can cut through wind and water.


You can track more effectively with narrow hulls that can cut through the water. You will have more stability if you choose a wider hull. If you intend to fish, a wider hull is recommended so that you can stand comfortably on the Kayak.


A lightweight kayak is more convenient to store and can be easily transported. However, kayaks made of heavier materials will have greater durability and strength.

Maximum Loading Capacity

You need to consider the maximum load capacity to determine if the vehicle can carry you and all the things you require.


You should carefully review the warranty offered by the kayak product you are considering purchasing to request a replacement if it develops a problem after purchase.

The History of Old Town

Old Town, which was founded in 1898 by Penobscot’s watercraft, has been running its business. This brand’s goal is to make innovative and high-quality boat products. It has been a legacy from the beginning. The first canoe they made was from canvas and wood in the late 1800s.

This material gained popularity with the public because it is stronger and easier to maintain. This company was initially known as Indian Old Town Canoe Co.; then it became Robertson Old Town Canoe Co. before it was renamed Old Town Canoe Co. in 1903. Canoeing became a popular outdoor activity in the United States during the 1900s. This led to the creation of different designs and colors on various Old Town product models.

Old Town has been making watercraft for over 100 years. They still use manual hand tools to make sure your boat is unique and of high quality. Old Town evolves to make high-quality watercraft products that will match outdoor activities and be a part of your daily life for many years. [1]


Old Town is an excellent product you can trust when choosing the right kayak to suit your outdoor activities. You can be sure your kayak will work safely and efficiently thanks to over 100 years of watercraft manufacturing experience.

Old Town products allow you to bond with loved ones and enjoy the beautiful scenery that nature offers. Old Town will continue to evolve over the years to provide you with the best watercraft for your needs.

FAQs about Old Town Kayak For Sale:

Is the package complete with the paddle for the kayak?

The paddle for the Old Town kayak is usually purchased separately.

What is the warranty on the Old Town products? To whom does it apply?

Old Town’s limited warranty only applies to customers who purchased the product at retail. The warranty does not cover any material factory defects in your newly purchased product.

Is saltwater possible to damage an Old Town boat?

Saltwater won’t cause any damage to your kayak components if it is only used for a short time. It’s important to rinse your kayak after it has been exposed to saltwater to prevent any corrosion.

How To Read Old Town Kayak Serial Number?

The serial number of kayaks is located 6 inches from the stern of the boat on the starboard side (right-hand side if you face the front).

Where to buy old town kayaks?

You may find on craigslist.

Where are old town kayaks made?

Every watercraft is still hand-built in Old Town, Maine, exactly as it was 100 years ago. Old Town is determined to encourage people to connect with nature and one another.

How good is a old town kayak?

It is strong and stable.

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