Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak Reviews [Best Pick 2024]

Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak Reviews:

The Mustang 100x appears to be an exclusive product of Dick’s Sporting Goods. They are only available on Pelican’s website. Since 1968, Pelican has been a leader in the manufacture of plastic boats.

Based in Quebec, Canada, they are the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic boats. They are known for their mastery in thermoforming and proprietary Ram-X materials. Their affordable prices also make them the best in their field.

We were the first kayak owners, so we chose the sit-in recreational kayaks. They are more stable and spacious than the touring models. We think that sit-in kayaks offer more comfort than sit-on-top ones.

It is, however, more challenging to get in and off the water once you are on it. Sit-in kayaks have a lower center gravity which makes them more stable.

The Pelican Mustang 100X sit-inside kayak is designed for one paddler.

This kayak is designed for fishing on lakes, rivers, and ponds. However, it can also be used for recreational paddling.

The kayak comes in four color options and has a combination hull for excellent primary and secondary stability.

If you travel a long distance with this kayak, it tracks very well.

The Pelican Difference:

Pelican kayaks are made from a unique material exclusive to Pelican.

This multi-layered polyethylene material provides exceptional impact resistance and is well-known for its ability to recover its original form after severe impacts.

Pelican uses a lot of quality control methods to test their kayaks. They hit them with a large hammer, then run them over with an F-150.

Many other manufacturers do not do these tests before they go to market.

All kayaks are finished with an advanced resin sheet that provides UV resistance.

Pelican kayaks can be left out in the sun for a long time without losing their color or plastic integrity. This is why we don’t recommend them.

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This section will cover all the great features of the Pelican Mustang 100X kayak.

We will also discuss how these features affect the kayak’s stability on the water and its performance.

Twin-Arched Multi-Chine Hull

The one that we are most concerned about is the one pictured in the middle. It’s called the twin-arched, multiple-chine hull.

This hull design provides excellent stability, whether the kayak moves or is stationary.

It’s an excellent choice for beginners kayak anglers because it has both primary and secondary stability.

When you have to move your kayak, the multi-chine hull tracks well.

Unlike a kayak with an angled hull, you won’t notice that your strokes are going too far. This will not cause you to feel like your kayak is being over-corrected.

This hull design was specifically designed for beginners to make it easier to learn.

This will make it much easier to master the kayak quickly and become familiar with the actions necessary to maneuver it.

You will also have great versatility, as you get more experience and learn new skills.

Once comfortable with this type of trip, the kayak can be used for an overnight camping trip in a kayak.

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EXOPOD Removable Storage Compartment

This kayak’s stern has an EXOPOD removable storage area that provides you with versatile storage options.

The removable pod can be used to dry store the stern of your kayak.

You can remove the pod to use it for kayak fishing gear.

You could also replace the pod with a kayak fishing box, tackle box, or one of our kayak cooler bags.

The pod has a storage capacity of 17 liters when you use it. This is for dry goods and fishing supplies.

You can attach gear to the top of the pod by using bungee rigging, which runs along with the rear tank well.

ERGOFORM™ Backrest

All Pelican kayaks have ergonomic backrests that allow you to enjoy a comfortable paddle experience for long days.

The backrest adjusts to allow you to sit straighter or recline, depending on what suits your needs.

You’ll notice that your preference for adjusting your seat position throughout the day will increase as you spend more time on the water.

For the best kayak seats, it is essential to keep your ability to adjust your position microscopically.

You won’t be sitting on hard plastic all day because the bottom of your seat is padded.

This kayak’s backrest is a great feature. It can be folded down quickly and will not move when being transported.

Flush Mount Fishing Rod Holders

Let’s now get to the fishing-specific aspects of this kayak.

Two flush-mounted rod holders are included, which can be found behind the kayak seat.

These rod holders enable you to carry multiple reels and rod combinations so you can fish in different ways throughout the day.

These will help you save time when rigging up heavier lines or new tackle.

These rod holders can also be slightly angled inwardly and away from the kayak’s gunwales.

This angle will enable you to keep two lines in the water for trolling purposes while you move your kayak to a different fishing hole.

Storage Hatch with Bungee Cord

This kayak features a small storage hatch at its bow that allows for additional storage.

The hatch is secured by a latching hatch for dry storage of smaller gear items and day supplies.

The bow hatch can be accessed from the cockpit of your kayak more quickly, making it an ideal solution for storing items you need while sitting in your kayak.

It also includes a section of bungee cord to secure kayaking sandals and other gear while paddling.

Knee Pads

You’ll find that a slight knee bend is the best kayak paddling position as you get more experience.

However, the problem with many sit-inside kayaks is that your knees rub against the cockpit’s underside.

This is particularly true for tall paddlers who will have to bend their knees further to fit into a smaller kayak.

Pelican also included knee pads at strategically placed locations around the cockpit.

These pads will prevent the tops of your knees and thighs from rubbing against the kayak’s polyethylene material.

They will ultimately allow you to have a more enjoyable paddling experience.

Molded-In Footrests

The molded-in footrests are the last feature of this kayak, which along with the backrest, knee pads, and padded seat, is designed to provide comfort when you’re paddling it.

These footrests can be adjusted to fit paddlers of different heights.

Many sit-inside kayaks have adjustable foot braces, which must be manually repositioned each time a kayaker enters the cockpit.

Molded-in footrests can save you time and effort by not having to reposition the foot braces.

It’s easy to find the best job for you.

This footrest style has one drawback: it can limit the number of people who can comfortably use this kayak. We recommend it for paddlers of small to medium size.

Multiple Carrying Handles

The Mustang 100X has toggle-style carrying handles at both the bow and the stern.

These handles are helpful for when you carry the kayak on land with your partner.

They also permit you to drag your kayak (either from its bow or stern), over short distances on sandy beaches and other friendly surfaces.

You can use the cockpit’s edges to transport the kayak with one paddler.

A rolling kayak cart is safer and more convenient if you cannot transport your kayak over long distances to get it into the water.

Smartphone Holder

Almost everyone in today’s world carries a waterproof smartphone in their pocket.

We believe kayaking should be a way to connect with nature and disconnect from technology, but we also know that you will want to capture the experience.

Pelican installed a smartphone holder in the cockpit of the Mustang kayak.

This smallholder fits most smartphones today and has a section of bungee cord that will keep your phone secure.

You can capture still images or videos hands-free while kayaking by adjusting the position of your smartphone holder.

If you are planning to take your smartphone kayaking, we recommend getting one of the most waterproof cases for your phone.

Although your smartphone may be water-resistant by itself, you should make some modifications to ensure it is sink-proof.

These cases can be used to seal your phone with some air so it won’t fall overboard.

Drain Plug

The Pelican Mustang Kayak is constructed from two sheets of polyethylene material, which are thermally welded together in the middle of the kayak.

The kayak’s interior acts as an air pocket that gives flotation to the whole vessel.

Although the pocket is sealed when you purchase your kayak, small leaks can form over time due to weather degradation or heavy use.

All of the top recreational kayaks have drain plugs.

Drain plugs are essential for draining water from your kayak’s air pockets.

You should empty your water tank using your drain plug if your kayak is sunk lower than usual.

Bottle Holder

A healthy supply of drinking water is essential for kayaking trips.

Instead of keeping your water bottle in the bow or stern storage compartments, you will want to make sure it is always accessible.

There is no better place than the cockpit seat to keep your water bottle. Pelican used this spot to place the small, curvy water bottle holder for the Mustang 100X kayak.

Paddle Rest

You must have somewhere to put your kayak paddle when you are fishing, drinking water, or taking out supplies or snacks from the storage area on your kayak.

Sit-inside kayakers are used to slipping their paddle into their kayak’s cockpit when they need it, but this can make it uncomfortable for those who have smaller kayaks.

You can make it impossible if your kayak has a small bag or lunchbox in its cockpit.

Pelican has two small notches on the cockpit of the Mustang kayak.

These notches will secure your paddle while you can focus on other urgent matters.

Who Is It Best For?

Our recommendation is the Pelican Mustang 100X kayak, which is the best kayak for intermediate and beginner kayakers interested in fishing on nearby waterways.

Although this kayak doesn’t have the same features as some of the most expensive fishing kayaks, it can help you get started and save money.

This kayak is also great for teens and older children who are looking for a kayak.

The Mustang 100X is the perfect choice for your children, whether they are looking for a watercraft to go on recreational paddling trips or if they need one for fishing trips.

This kayak is also great for lighter and smaller paddlers due to its small size and lightweight design.

It’s also easier to transport the kayak off the water. Load your kayak onto your roof rack, and then get into your indoor kayak storage area.

Pelican Kayak Alternatives:

1. Maxim 100X

Maxim 100X Recreational Sit-in Kayak is perfect for those who want to have a comfortable and stable kayaking experience, regardless of whether it’s cool or hot. The Maxim 100X is designed for the average paddler. This Sit-in Kayak weighs only 39 lb and is extremely easy to transport.

2. Argo 100XR

The ARGO Recreational Seat-in Collection is perfect for those who want a comfortable and stable kayaking experience in the cool or warm seasons on calm and slow-moving water. These kayaks are built using the Twin Arched Multi Chine Hull. They offer excellent stability, and with their spacious cockpits, it’s easy to get in and out of a kayak.

Maxim 100X vs Argo 100X vs Argo 100XP Angler vs Argo 100XR vs Sprint 100XR vs Sprint 120XR

Items:Maxim 100X Argo 100XArgo 100XRArgo 100XP Angler Sprint 120XRSprint 100XR
WEIGTH 36 pounds36 pounds42 pounds41 pounds50 pounds41 pounds
MAX CAPACITY 275 lbs 275 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 325 lbs 300 lbs
LENGTH 120" 120"120"120"144"120"
DIMENSIONS 120" x 28" x 14" 120" x 28" x 14" 120" x 29" x 12.75" 120" x 29" x 14" 144" x 28" x 16" 120" x 28" x 14"
SKILL Intermediate Beginner Beginner All Skill Level Intermediate Intermediate
USE Recreational Recreational Recreational Fishing Performance Performance


For those who are just starting in kayaking, the Pelican kayaks offer a great option.

They are also great if you don’t have any kayaking experience and purchase your first watercraft.

These kayaks are affordable despite their proprietary technology, which makes them durable and impact-resistant. However, their low price tag doesn’t mean they are of poor quality.

We recommend the Pelican kayaks to all levels of paddlers, from beginner to advanced.

This model is great if you are starting to fish (or should we say hooks?) Kayak fishing is a new way to explore the outdoors.

We hope that you found this article helpful in expanding your kayaking knowledge.

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